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P e r s o n a l   P r o j e c t s

Ceiling Project 2014-2016


Between 2014 and 2016 I photographed and documented medical spaces from the position of patient, culminating in the Ceiling Project, which was included in Unpeakable, a group show with The Something Collective. The project examines the relationship between the medical environment and the the individual, exploring power and spatial dynamics, in an attempt to make the clinical personal.


Sketchbook Project 2018: Day to Day Living


I completed a sketchbook in response to the brief “Its Not What It Seems”.  My sketchbook is essentially a reimagining of my hospital file. In it, I examine the experience of being a patient. It joins all the other sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.

8E262A21-1E27-4F70-A900-F30124B2B5AA_1_201_a 83396C9D-6D9A-4E15-B32F-4DD22BE1943E_1_201_a 262CE794-5B74-4004-85E4-D34E6D2CD61C_1_201_a Lucy #1 DSC_0553